Terms & Conditions

Travel Organization: Does Travel & Cadushi Tours
Burenstraat 4, Paramaribo, Suriname

Established: 1 July 1960

Member of:
  • IATA-approved
  • American SOCIETY of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • European Tourism Associaton (ETOA)
  • United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)
  • 1 Destination Management Company World (1 DMC World)
  • World of Destination Management Companies (World of DMC’s)
  • Adventure Travel Trade Associaton (ATTA)
  • The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
  • Suriname Hotel and Tourism Associaton (SHATA)
  • Vereniging Surinaams Bedrijfsleven (VSB)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry: 5627

The below general terms and conditions for travel apply to reservations made for tours implemented by Does Travel & Cadushi Tours in collaboration with one of its partners registered abroad and in Suriname.

Article 1: Terms
In these travel conditions, ‘the Travel Organization’ is understood to mean: the entity who, in the execution of their business and under their own name, offers flight tickets, accommodation, cruises, tours, car hire and transfers, or a combination of these services, in advance to the general public or to a group of people. ‘The traveller’ is understood to mean: the Travel Organizations opposing party. ‘The travel contract’ is understood to mean: the contract by which the Travel Organization binds itself to its opposing party to carry out the above services offered by the Travel Organization.

Article 2: Creation of the travel contract
  1. The travel contract is created by the traveller’s acceptance of the Travel Organizations offer. This can take place in writing, by email or verbally.
  2. If the traveller is a minor, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.
  3. The Travel Organizations offer is non-binding and may be revoked by the Travel Organization if necessary. Such a revocation must take place immediately after the offer is accepted.
  4. A deposit of 30% of the travel sum must be paid within 7 days following receipt of the invoice/booking confirmation when cruises, accommodation and/or tours are included, this sum to be increased with payment of any insurance premiums and costs recorded in the travel contract. The total cost of international and any domestic tickets, depending on the airline’s ‘ticket limit’, does not need to be paid immediately.
  5. The remainder of the travel sum must be received by the Travel Organization no later than 3 months before the departure date (or earlier as dictated by circumstances).
  6. If you register less than 3 months before departure, you will receive the payment conditions with the invoice/confirmation; different services use different payment conditions.
  7. In the event of late payment by the traveller, the tour may be cancelled by the Travel Organization following the service of a summons and after the end of the period established in the summons. In this case, the traveller is required to compensate the Travel Organization for costs incurred in communication and cancellation, these costs to be offset by the deposit. In addition, Article 5 is applicable to this case.
  8. All costs which the Travel Organization incurs in order to collect the monies owed will be recouped from the traveller.
Article 3: Travel sum
  1. All published travel sums serve as advisory prices in the relevant currencies. These travel sums consist exclusively of the services and facilities indicated on the website.
  2. The published travel sums are based on prices and taxes as these were known to the tour operator on the day of publication.
  3. In the event of a change in the prices, exchange rates or taxes named in paragraph 2, the tour operator reserves the right to amend the travel sums. Travellers who have already booked will be informed of such an amendment as soon as possible.
Article 4: Information
  1. Both upon departure and during the tour, the traveller must be in possession of a valid passport and proof of any necessary visas and vaccinations. Should the traveller be unable to complete all or part of the tour as a result of the lack of the documents named in paragraph 1, this and all its associated consequences are entirely the responsibility of the traveller.
  2. Similarly, should the traveller arrive at the airport too late to check in for his/her flight, all costs are the responsibility of the traveller.
  3. We advise the traveller to take out travel-, accident-, luggage- and health insurance, as well as cancellation insurance. The traveller may not make any claim based on the fact that he/she was unaware of these terms and conditions for travel.
Article 5: Cancellation or amendment
  1. The Travel Organization may amend an essential point of the travel contract as a result of grave circumstances of which the traveller is immediately informed.
  2. The Travel Organization may also amend a non-essential point of the travel contract as a result of grave circumstances of which the traveller is immediately informed.
  3. The Travel Organization is obliged, in the event of amendments mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, as far as possible to offer an alternative of equal value.

Article 6: Cancellation
In the event that the traveller cancels the tour after booking, the following sums will be due to the Travel Organisation:
  • upon cancellation earlier than 8 weeks before departure: the deposit amount;
  • upon cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before departure: 30% of the travel sum;
  • upon cancellation between 4 and 2 weeks before departure: 50% of the travel sum;
  • upon cancellation less than 2 weeks before departure, absence upon departure or an interrupted tour: 100% of the travel sum.
Does Travel & Cadushi Tours may, with fair and reasonable cause, deviate from this policy. In all cases, this will be determined exclusively by Does Travel & Cadushi Tours with the consent of the relevant supplier. The traveller may not assert any rights in this process.

  1. In the event that a tour is made up of various sections, to which various cancellation terms apply, the specific terms for each section are applicable to that section. For example, different cancellation processes may apply to flight tickets, cruises and car hire.
  2. The cancellation of a contract by one or more travellers who have booked a tour together is considered to be the cancellation of all contracts, so that the amounts mentioned in the preceding paragraphs must be paid by all travellers. The travel sum will be recalculated for the remaining travellers. This may result in a surcharge.
  3. Most regular airlines have their own rules regarding cancellations. Depending on the tariff used, the cost can vary from an amount of €100.00 up to the full tariff. These costs are available upon request. Some accommodation providers and local agents have a different tariff.

For bookings made by ANVR travel agencies, we apply the cancellation conditions of the ANVR for package tours.

Article 7: The Travel Organizations obligations
  1. The Travel Organization is obliged to implement the travel contract in accordance with the expectations which the traveller may reasonably hold on the basis of the travel contract. The implementation of the travel contract must be assessed partially on the basis of the state of the technology, the limitations, the traditions and the customs in the Travel Organizations particular destinations.
  2. The Travel Organization is not liable for the non-implementation or poor implementation of the travel contract, as far as the shortcomings cannot be held to be the fault of the organisation.
  3. The Travel Organization is obliged, according to the circumstances, to offer the traveller assistance and support in the event that the tour does not conform to what might reasonably be expected on the basis of the travel contract. In the event that the cause of this is the fault of the traveller, the tour organiser is only obliged to offer assistance and support if that may be reasonably expected. In that case, the costs associated with the help and assistance are the responsibility of the traveller. The costs are the responsibility of the Travel Organization if the failure to implement the travel contract is the Travel Organizations fault.
Article 8: The traveller’s obligations
  1. The traveller is obliged to comply with all instructions from Does Travel & Cadushi Tours and its suppliers and/or service providers which are intended to facilitate a good tour. By making the reservation, the traveller indicates acceptance of this obligation, including in the event that he/she relinquishes his/her right to read the contract. The traveller is liable for damage caused by inappropriate behaviours and/or negligence.
  2. For damage to rented objects (apartment/hotel/car), the traveller must pay a deposit on site, almost always by valid credit card, which may be withheld up to the sum of all damages and/or losses. This deposit will be repaid on site if no damage occurs.
  3. No later than 72 hours before departure for the return journey, the traveller must ascertain the exact time of this departure, either from the local agent or representative or, in the event that no local representative is available, directly from the relevant airline.
  4. Any traveller or participant who causes a nuisance or disturbance such that the implementation of the tour is thereby gravely hampered, or may be so hampered, may be excluded from the (continuation of) the tour by Does Travel & Cadushi Tours or its local representative. All costs resulting from this are the responsibility of the traveller.
Article 9: Customer satisfaction
  1. Together with its partners abroad and in Suriname, Does Travel & Cadushi Tours strives for the highest possible customer satisfaction. However, considering the large number of tours we organise, there is always a chance that small inconveniences will arise. In paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 we advise you how to proceed in the event of any inconvenience during your tour.
  2. The traveller is obliged to report, as soon as possible and in writing, any negligence which he/she notices, or which he/she judges as such, in the implementation of the travel contract to the relevant service provider or to the on-site representative of Does Travel & Cadushi Tours. This representative will do his/her best to find an appropriate solution.
  3. In Suriname, any inconveniences must be directly reported to the suppliers, to the Does Travel & Cadushi Tours tour leader or to the office of Does Travel & Cadushi Tours.
  4. Inconveniences such as those in paragraph 9.1 must be reported in writing to Does Travel & Cadushi Tours no later than 1 week after the traveller’s return, accompanied by a copy of the report made to the local representative.
  5. If it is not possible to report the inconvenience on site because of the lack of a local representative, the complaint must be made at the moment when it is realised to Does Travel & Cadushi Tours in Suriname, either by telephone or by email. If the inconvenience is not satisfactorily resolved on site, this must be reported, in writing and with supporting evidence, to Does Travel & Cadushi Tours within 1 week after the traveller’s return.
Article 10: Liability
  1. The Travel Organization (including its employees) is not liable for damages as a result of failures in the implementation of the travel contract in the event that these failures in implementation are the fault of the traveller.
  2. In the event that the Travel Organization is liable to the traveller for loss of enjoyment, the compensation will amount to no more than the value of that part of the travel sum.
  3. The Travel Organization (including its directors and employees) may not be held to be liable if one of its suppliers abroad or in Suriname can no longer meet its obligations. Neither may Does Travel & Cadushi Tours ever be held to be liable for costs resulting from any delays to airline flights or any potential damage arising from such a delay.
  4. Does Travel & Cadushi Tours is IATA-certified, but may never be held to be liable if an airline (including its directors and employees) can no longer meet its obligations.
  5. Errors or inaccuracies on the website or in other publications are not binding for the Travel Organization.
Article 11: Participation in a tour is entirely at the own risk of the traveller.
  1. The traveller’s participation in any possible Day Trip or Multi Day Tour is entirely voluntary and at his/her own risk.
  2. Does Travel & Cadushi Tours also cannot be held liable for any of the events stated below:
  • possible accidents during the tour, involving physical injury, permanent physical injury or even fatal outcome, also in cases where the traveller is not the cause of this
  • with damage as a result of loss, theft, water damage, damage and/or disabling of the personal property of the traveller
  • consequences resulting from allergies incurred and/or failure to take the necessary precautions (vaccinations, inoculations, etc.) by the traveller
  • injury afflicted by poisonous plants and/or animals
  • any other possible damage that a traveller may incur during a tour
Article 12: Competent jurisdiction
  1. Surinamese law has exclusive jurisdiction over all contracts made under these conditions and over the contracts which form a corollary thereto.
  2. All disputes resulting from the contracts made under these conditions and from the contracts which form a corollary thereto will be exclusively dependent on the judge in Suriname, who is appointed by virtue of the nature of the dispute.