Multi Day Tour: 2/3 Days Galibi

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Galibi is a nature reserve that covers more than 4000 hectares and is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Marowijne river in the north-east of Suriname. This tour’s charm resides in the potentially unforgettable encounters with the colossal sea turtles that come to nest here, the unspoilt nature, the magnificent sandy beaches, and the culture of the indigenous Carib people in the villages of Christiaankondre and Langamankondre.

Duration: 2/3 days
Including: Transportation by minibus and boat, guide, accommodation, meals, coffee, tea, water, juice and local excursions.

A two to three-hour ride by minibus to Albina, followed by a one to two-hour boat trip on a korjaal to Galibi.

You will stay in a group accommodation in the form of a simple guest house with different rooms. These rooms are furnished with four beds with mosquito nets. The toilets and showers are also communal and are located outside the rooms.

  • 125-volt electricity is available in the evening
  • Galibi has a water treatment plant
  • There are churches, a supermarket, and a small medical station
2-Day Tour

Day 1
You will depart from Paramaribo early in the morning, via the east-west connection, through the districts Commewijne and Marowijne, towards Albina where you will arrive in the early afternoon. Here, your trip will continue by boat. You will arrive at your destination after sailing for approximately one hour and a half. A walk through the village is scheduled after lunch, to introduce you to the culture of the friendly indigenous Carib people. After supper*, you will sail to Babunsanti. This is one of the few places in the world where you can witness gigantic sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach. This is an annually recurrent phenomenon during the nesting season, which lasts from February up to and including the middle of August. Outside the nesting season, the visit to the sea turtles is replaced by a cultural show.
(*Length of this visit depends on the tide)

Day 2
After breakfast, the guide will take you for a walk on the beach and you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the river. There after, you will go for a walk through the village of Christiaankondre together with the guide. While returning to Paramaribo, you will stop in French Guyana, where you can (optionally) visit the old prison.

3-Day Tour

Day 1
See day 1 of the two-day tour.

Day 2
After breakfast, you will have the option to first go for a refreshing swim. In the course of the morning, the guide will take you on a guided walk through the village of Christiaankondre. After lunch, it is time for a visit to the pretty sandy beach and the turtle information centre.

Day 3
After breakfast, you will enjoy a brief walk through the tropical rainforest. This is followed by an excursion to the neighbouring country of French Guyana, where you will be visiting a border town that has played a critical role in French Guyana’s history: St. Laurent. Around 14:00, your adventure at Galibi will come to an end and you will embark on your return trip to Paramaribo.

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  • 1 person USD 135 per person
  • 2 persons USD 90 per person

  • VIP Meet and Greet on arrival at Zanderij
  • Smooth passage to the airport customs
  • Special luggage service
  • Relax and enjoy drinks and snacks in the airport lounge
  • Private return transfer in a luxury car
  • Ticket for the VIP lounge (airport J.A.Pengel Zanderij) on departure

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