Multi-Day Tour: 4/5 Days Awarradam

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Awarradam is a small, yet idyllic holiday destination on an island in the Amazon rain­forest, at the foot of a fantastic rapid. The settlement of the Saramaccans, the largest Maroon community in Suriname, is approx. half an hour away by boat. These attributes make Awarradam the ideal holiday destination, not just for nature lovers but also for those who want to take their time to become acquainted with the Saramaccan culture.

Duration: 4 or 5 days
Including: transportation by airplane from airport Zorg en Hoop, accommodation, guide, meals, coffee, tea, water, juice and local excursions

The flight from the Zorg en Hoop airport in Paramaribo to the airstrip near the village of Kajana lasts approx. one hour. There, you will transfer onto a korjaal, which will take you to Awarradam, an approx. thirty-minute trip.

Here, the individual lodges were built in a traditional style, with a veranda that offers you a splendid view of the river. Each lodge is furnished with hammocks on the veranda, two beds with mosquito nets, your own toilet, and a shower with cold running water.

The meals are served in the comfortable recreation room, which offers you breath­taking views of the rapids. You can also spend some time in the cosy jungle bar-lounge or visit the “BööKamia” Jungle Spa for a delightful relaxation massage, various body scrubs or facials.

4-Day Tour

Day 1
You will depart for your adventure in Awarradam in the morning. Once you have checked in and enjoyed your delicious lunch, you can spend the afternoon as you please.

Day 2
After breakfast, you will participate in an instructive “jungle walk”. While you enjoy and feast your eyes on the virgin tropical rainforest, the guide will point out the various trees and plants and show you how to identify animals by their sounds and tracks. After lunch, you will visit the Peti rapids. There, you can swim, paddle in a korjaal, and enjoy the beautiful view from a hammock. In the evening, you will receive more information about a few fascinating aspects of the local culture.

Day 3
After breakfast, you will sail upstream. After half an hour, the korjaal’s engine will be turned off and you will drift back with the river’s current, making it possible for you to fully enjoy the sounds and the fauna of the jungle. If you are somewhat more adventurously inclined, you can use the canoe to paddle back to the lodge at your own pace. In the afternoon, you will visit the local community, where you will be further acquainted to the local culture. On your way there by boat, you can experience life on the river, the lifeline for the local community. From your lodge on the island, you will make an extensive walk along various villages and you will gain insight in the daily life in a Maroon village. After supper, you will be treated to an authentic cultural evening of song and dance. The boat crew will transport you back to Awarradam under a tropical starry sky.

Day 4
After breakfast, it is time to take leave and return to Paramaribo.

5-Day Tour

This tour is the same as the 4-day tour, supplemented with an additional day that can be spent as you please.

Kaart Suriname
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  • 1 person USD 135 per person
  • 2 persons USD 90 per person

  • VIP Meet and Greet on arrival at Zanderij
  • Smooth passage to the airport customs
  • Special luggage service
  • Relax and enjoy drinks and snacks in the airport lounge
  • Private return transfer in a luxury car
  • Ticket for the VIP lounge (airport J.A.Pengel Zanderij) on departure

roti-200x200pxFor each reservation for a multi day tour ONE FREE ROTI MEAL per person at Roopram Roti Restaurant

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