4/5/8 Days Kabalebo

Attention: All our trips in Suriname are covered by the guarantee of insurance for the Tourism Sector Suriname.

The Kabalebo Nature Resort is a luxury lodge located in one of the most beautiful, entirely uninhabited regions of Suriname. For hundreds of kilometres around, you will encounter only the monkeys chasing each other through the treetops, parrots buzzing your head, rare butterflies fluttering past you, and unusual fish swiftly seeking refuge into a desolate little creek… You might also encounter felines such as the jaguar. All of this makes Kabalebo a veritable paradise for nature lovers.

Price: € 650 (4days), € 760(5 days), €1110 (8 days), based on 2 persons per person
Duration: 4, 5 or 8 days
Including: transportation by airplane, accommodation, guide, meals, coffee, tea, water, juice and local excursions

An approx. seventy-five minutes-long flight, from Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo to Kabalebo.

Nature Resort Kabalebo was built around five types of accommodations, each with their unique atmosphere and characteristic appearance. You will stay at the main lodge, directly opposite the magnificent Misty Mountain. Believe it or not, here, you will enjoy all luxuries of civilisation, including ten twin-bed hotel rooms with or without air-conditioning (your choice), your own bathroom and toilet, a connection for your electrical devices, and a hammock on the veranda in which you can doze away.

All resort guests can use the swimming pool. After an intensive trip through the jungle, you can recover in the pool’s cool water or doze off on a sunbed under a sunshade on the sun deck.

5-Day Tour

Day 1
Following your arrival, you will make an impressive walking tour from the foot of the Misty Mountain to Zand creek, where you can spend some time on a sandbar in the river while enjoying a breath­taking view.

Day 2
This day will be devoted to climbing the 500 metres-high Misty Mountain. If the circumstances do not permit making this trip, it will be substituted by a splendid trip by korjaal and an extensive forest walk.

Day 3
Today, you will hike to the impressive Mooi-Mooi waterfall. After lunch, you will set off to the pretty Krongsoela rapids that span the entire width of the river. Before returning to the main lodge, you will be given the opportunity to relax in the river in this breathtaking setting.

Day 4
This day will be spent on a boat trip to the Was Wasi chain of rapids, where you will be able to enjoy nature’s marvels.

Day 5
After the morning, which you are free to spend as you please, you will return to Paramaribo in the afternoon.

4- and 8-Day Tour

In the case of the 4-day tour, the boat trip to Was Wasi will not be included.
When you opt for the 8-day tour, there will be optional activities from day 5 till day 8.

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  • 1 person USD 135 per person
  • 2 persons USD 90 per person

  • VIP Meet and Greet on arrival at Zanderij
  • Smooth passage to the airport customs
  • Special luggage service
  • Relax and enjoy drinks and snacks in the airport lounge
  • Private return transfer in a luxury car
  • Ticket for the VIP lounge (airport J.A.Pengel Zanderij) on departure

roti-200x200pxFor each reservation for a multi day tour ONE FREE ROTI MEAL per person at Roopram Roti Restaurant

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